Basal Metabolic Rate Counter 1.1

Basal Metabolic Rate Counter 1.1



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BMR Calculator is a Windows software program designed to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate, the amount of calories required to sustain life in your body when at rest. Both health care professionals like dietitians and their patients who suffer from overweight or underweight can use BMR Calculator. It helps health care professionals save time when estimating their patient s BMR. Patients can also use it unassisted as BMR Calculator allows them to get the results in seconds without learning any mathematic formulas. It is important to know your BMR as it allows you to calculate your recommended calorie intake.BMR Calculator is very easy to use. You need very few basic computer skills to use this program. You can easily install BMR Calculator on your Windows PC or your Mac if your Mac has a Windows emulator.To calculate your BMR, you enter only three numbers (your weight in kilos or pounds, your height in centimeters or inches and your age in years), select your activity level from a drop-down menu and click the Calculate button. Straight away the program displays your BMR.You have to calculate your BMR regularly. It is recommended to calculate it every time your weight changes as your BMR increases when you gain weight and decreases when you lose weight. It is useful to write down your results into a diary so you can see the progress.Download BMR calculator and learn your BMR now. Achieve a healthy weight with BMR calculator.

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